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1) Awareness of Yoga to
  a) General public
  b) School children
  c) College students
  d) University students
  (opening of sub-centers in the city school/college/univ.)
2) Introduction of Yoga to
  a) Employee of govt. offices
  b) Employee of private companies/industries
  (opening of sub-centers at govt. offices/private companies)
3) Introducing Meditation to
  a) Univ. Students
  b) General Public
4) Introducing courses in Yoga & Meditation
  a) Certificate Courses
  b) Post Graduation
  c) Research Progammes
5. Introducing Yoga as Part of Curriculum at School & College level
6. Planning & Organising activities concern Yoga & Meditation at State/National/Inter-National level
7. Raising of the Infra-Structure accordingly
8. Raising of the Infra-Structure and faculty accordingly